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Welcome to my new website

Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for paying me a visit. I hope you like the work I have created. The oldest design I have on here, Orgone Particle, was first created in 1996 or 7. I can’t remember exactly when, as those days seem to blend into one long underground party when I try to recall. The design came after a night of face painting in one such party. I had been painting mostly dots on peoples faces which inspired me to design this piece the day after. It was originally fluorescent and it became my best seller. In those days I survived by selling t-shirts, and painting peoples faces in London’s underground party scene. It was a lot of fun. The new version is no longer fluorescent but it has undergone a wee facelift and now has more detail to it.

My friend Thelia wearing an original Orgone Particle shirt from the 90’s

Another early piece of mine that has made it to this website is the Bird of Freedom. I first painted it for my fine art degree show in 2007. That piece was a room build of MDF. It had curved corners, and painted all around in a continuous loop, was a scene from Planet Dooda. I painted three birds flying around and one of them became the Bird of Freedom. The design is a progression from a design called ‘The Miró Bird’. This was created in 1994 as a tribute to Joan Miró, an artist who has had a massive impact on me. 

Planet Dooda Celebrates the Post Illuminati Party – 2007

By 2015 I had gotten into creating geometric pieces based on the flower of life. There is much you can explore within its structure. You can take it in so many directions. I thoroughly enjoy exploring those different avenues. If you are a fan of geometric art, I have many more examples yet be released, and I will be adding many of them, alongside new work, to the Geometric Art collection in the future. 

Autumn Sunshine – 2015. This was one of my first flower of life pieces.

Although working digitally is fun and very satisfying, there is nothing that beats painting with actual paint. I didn’t paint for years, relying solely on my computer for my creative outpourings. I then started teaching art in care homes and that was when I realised how much I had missed the feel of the paint on a surface. Whilst I was building up that business I wasn’t creating much of my own work, but when the government destroyed my business with their fake pandemic, I got to painting again. That first year of lockdown was incredible for me as it was the first time since uni that I was able to fully focus on my art. Painting is such a joy for me and being fully immersed in the creative journey was such a blessing. A lot of the Planet Dooda collection comes from that period. 

Weechee – 2020. Inktense pencils on cartridge paper. This was my first lockdown piece.

The Freedom Art collection has been inspired by the freedom movements that have sprung up all over the world during the covid era. I have been on so many magical freedom rallies in the last few years and met so many wonderful, loving people who are deeply concerned about government coercion and overreach. I started painting the word freedom on canvases to express my joy that we will soon be free from the parasites that control the world’s governments. The cat is out of the bag now, their crimes have been exposed and it is only a matter of time before the majority of the worlds population wake up to the fact that the governments of the world are conspiring to bring about a one world government. That might seem like a good proposition to some, but the plan they have is frightening. Imagine a global China. You can read all about it in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset document.

They will be exposed and we will be free, ‘nuff said.

Freedom Innit – 2021. Acrylic on Canvas

The Kaleidoscopic Art collection came during the making of this website. Although I have been making kaleidoscopic art for a while now, I hadn’t revisited that side of my work in a while. But then I started playing around with some photos I took of my dad’s grand piano in Photoshop. Well, first they went through a kaleidoscopic app called Scopeworks, then I layered a load of these kaleidoscopic jpgs into Photoshop and played with the blending options on each layer. So many beautiful images come out of this very simple process. It is a fun and simple way to make art. I’ll do some tutorials in future blogs and will certainly do one on how to make kaleidoscopic art.

Blossom – 2015. An early example of my kaleidoscopic work.

In closing I’d like to thank my mum and dad for their constant support of me as an artist. And David Roskilly, a web developer who helped create this site. I could not have made this website without him. If you are looking for an expert web designer and developer, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with him.

I hope you enjoy this site and if you do, please sign up to my newsletter.

All the best, Dave.

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