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Art workshops are a wonderful way for us to connect to our inner artist. I offer a few different workshops for your enjoyment. There is Picasso & Prosecco, Doodle Workshop, Digital Painting with Procreate and Cannabis Y Canvas.

Picasso & Prosecco

Picasso & Prosecco art events are a fun way to get your creative juices flowing. You do not need to have any experience in painting as I will guide you in the process. We all have an inner artist and these workshops offer a perfect opportunity for yours to come and express its self. The Prosecco is optional, as is painting your portrait in the style of Picasso. This workshop is really about showing you how to simplify the process of creating a self portrait. Picasso was a master of simplification. Not having to worry about perfecting the colours and the composition, but rather expressing yourself is a very liberating way to explore your artistic side.

Here are some photos of previous Picasso & Prosecco sessions I have done.

Doodle Workshops

Doodling is a fun way to explore who you are as an artist. We all have an inner artist and as the system strives to shut that part of us down, we need to nurture that side of us. And doodling is a great way to get your create juices flowing. Doodling is a form of meditation in that you don’t think about what you are creating. Rather you take your pen, pencil or brush on a journey of discovery. We start off by drawing a squiggly line, something random that we can divide up and play with. Often we will try to draw something that we know, but in this workshop we will be focusing on dividing space and seeing what comes out. So as opposed to worrying about getting something right, which is something we all can do, in this workshop we are going to attack the paper with the spirit of exploration, removing any judgement and going with your flow.

Digital Painting with Procreate

If you have an iPad then you can download the Procreate app and start having fun. If you are new and want to be guided in exploring the app then I can help you. Please use the contact form to send me a message. I have previously put on workshops where I’ve hired iPads in London. This was paid for by a charity. I would be happy to do these again if there was a desire by enough people who had their own iPads and the Procreate app.

Cannabis Y Canvas

This is a totally new workshop that I am offering in Morelia, my current home. Cannabis is a miraculous plant, one that will be grown everywhere and consumed by everyone once we remove the parasitical class from their stolen positions of power. We have an endocannabinoid system and cannabinoid receptors. So obviously we need cannabis in our lives. I appreciate that not everyone wants to get high and most cannabis products don’t get you high but are very beneficial to the body. CBD and hemps seeds and oils being 3 examples. Cannabis can also make paper, clothing, plastics, bricks, concrete (hempcrete), and thousands of other products. It also puts more nutrients back into the earth than it takes. We need cannabis in our lives. The word canvas probably comes from cannabis. Before we had cotton we had either linen or cannabis canvases.

And smoking it helps get our creative juices flowing. So if you would like to experience any of my workshops then please feel free to contact me here.

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