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I love exploring visual imagery. I love exploring different styles and techniques and media. Throughout my life I have painted in oils, acrylics, inks and watercolours. I have made installations, worked with etchings and screen printing, I have created video art and VJ’ed my creations at festivals. I have and continue to work with digital art applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco and Procreate. I create geometric and kaleidoscopic work with those digital packages. I love working digitally but my preference is painting on canvas. Below I have split up the galleries into separate mediums.

Acrylic Paintings

I love painting in acrylics on canvas.

Sacred Geometry

Most of my sacred geometry work has been created in Adobe Illustrator.

Digital Painting

Whether it has been Photoshop, Corel Painter, Adobe Fresco or Procreate, I have thoroughly enjoyed creating paintings digitally. Here’s some examples.

Boom Festival 2008, Portugal

I had the pleasure of being invited to create an installation at the Boom Festival in Portugal. That was an incredible experience for me.

Life & Still Life Oil Paintings

In January 2019 I enrolled in a 12 week course in painting still life and life in oils at the Dulwich Art Group in Dulwich, South London. Clare Howard guided the class superbly. I learnt a lot and loved the process. For the first six weeks we focused on still life and then we had another six weeks painting a life model.

Geometric Work

These are geometric works that are not based on either the flower of life or any other spiritual concept. Just purely geometric.

Kaleidoscopic Images

I love playing with kaleidoscopic imagery. I have hundreds of examples and here’s a few of them.

Some Random Pieces

Here’s a few more pieces of my work.

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